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Sylvia Plath: Matter and Spirit

Herewith, a sermonette I delivered at the UU Fellowship of Dubuque on August 8, 2010:   Sylvia Plath: Matter and Spirit If you want to know who Sylvia Plath was and what happened to her, I can tell you in a handful of paragraphs. As […]

Poetry Is Your Friend

Let me introduce myself. I’m a poet. I love good poetry. (It’s not all good, far from it.) When someone asks me to compose a poem for an occasion, I’m usually up for it, though I won’t write love poems for you to text to […]

Tell Me Where It Hurts

Writing poems isn’t easy. Getting them published is ridiculous. You look for places that publish poetry, send them out, remembering to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope, even if you don’t want them back, and then wait. Sometimes you wait six months to find out their […]

Sylvia & Me

I gave a sermon the other Sunday. Well, it wasn’t really a sermon – a best, a sermonette – but more of a presentation on a famous Unitarian. The Dubuque Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, as wonderful a group of people as you could hope to meet, […]

Sorry, But I Can’t Critique Your Poem

I’m a poet. I write poetry, I read poetry, I have a master of fine arts in writing poetry. My husband even introduces me, every so often, as a poet. Words are important to me – not only what they mean, but their rhythm, how […]