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And All The Children Are Above Average

While the battle raging around motherhood right now is about attachment parenting vs. the leave-‘em-in-the-yard-all-day method, something else has been a pet peeve of mine for a long time. I thought it would end once my “kids” were adults. It seems I was wrong. First, […]

Call Home

There is a gigantic billboard on Highway 151 between Dubuque and Madison that kills me every time I see it. Its message is simple: “Call Your Parents.” My response, though unspoken, is always the same: Oh, how I wish I could. I still remember the […]

Homely Home

My college boyfriend was rich. Or let me put it another way – he came from a rich family. Just because “your daddy’s rich,” to take line from “Summertime,” doesn’t mean you’ve done a darn thing to deserve those tennis lessons or that Mercedes parked […]