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Bird of My Dreams

My life list of birds I have seen is pitifully short, just over forty at last count. They range from robins to much more exotic types. Take, for instance, pelicans. I had no idea they hung around these parts until, three years in a row, […]

The Uncaged Bird

Here I am in Bayfield, Wisconsin, again, on what my husband likes to call our Annual Writer’s Block Retreat. That’s meant ironically, because he usually comes home with a sheaf of new songs and the start (or ending) of a new play, and I manage […]

Winged Interloper

“What kind of bird is that?” asked my husband, as I sat typing at the computer. I was busy, but turned to look out the window at the patio. This is where our bird feeders hang – one with regular seed, used mainly by plain […]