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Breaking the Stove

Breaking the Stove

Today I broke the stove. But first, I cleaned it. It had been a while, so this morning, after I fried my egg, I sprayed the oven with the supposedly no-fume cleaner, then dashed off to work, knowing I would come home to a hard […]

Strategic Cooking

I may be late to the table, but I just heard about something astounding:  Engagement Chicken, a supposedly sure-fire dish to serve to a man that guarantees he will propose. I recognized it immediately. It was MY chicken, with no secret messages attached. This is […]

Let Them Eat Cake

I used to be a pretty good cook. I sautéed shrimp scampi. I filled crepes suzette. I spread two-layer heart-shaped cakes with chocolate frosting, the cake and the frosting both made from scratch. I made everything that way – buttermilk pancakes, French baguettes, banana cream […]

The Joy of Cookbooks

Not long ago, my husband liberated a nice bookcase from his home office and put it in the kitchen, and already it’s jam-packed with cookbooks. I love cookbooks. I’ve got tomes on Thai food, Indian, Midwestern (whatever that is – it was a gift), baking, […]

To Sleep, Perchance to . . . Sleep

My daughter used to do the cutest thing. Before she could even speak English, she would sit in her car seat babbling away, holding a spirited conversation with the world as it whizzed by outside the car windows, sounding for all the world like some […]