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Throwing in the Trowel

There we stood, looking out the windows of a house that had everything our current house did not – fireplace, bathrooms on each floor, a deck with a view. Most of all, it had a private yard. Our house on Wood Street was a sweet […]

There Goes the Neighborhood

There Goes the Neighborhood

Big bad changes are afoot in my old neighborhood. Dismay has led me to some strange places, including a children’s picture book, a local history text, and a 2009 Pixar movie. The picture book is Virginia Lee Burton’s The Little House. Published in 1942, it […]

Life in the Playground

When my husband and I went house shopping years ago, each of us had a mental checklist. Bob wanted a spot on the main floor for his weighty electronic keyboard. He was tired of lugging it up and down stairs for every music gig. I […]

A Little Bit Homeless

Many years ago, I had a brush with homelessness. I knew I had a home to return to, but sofa-diving for three weeks was pretty uncomfortable. My first graduate degree was finished, and my roommate had departed. Without Jane in the apartment, I couldn’t afford […]

Homely Home

My college boyfriend was rich. Or let me put it another way – he came from a rich family. Just because “your daddy’s rich,” to take line from “Summertime,” doesn’t mean you’ve done a darn thing to deserve those tennis lessons or that Mercedes parked […]