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Let’s Say You Get Six Days

I saw a new doctor last month. She prescribed two new medicines for my headaches, which visit me with faithful regularity. One is a preventive, and time will tell if it prevents anything. I am, as they say, titrating up, taking a bit more every […]

Pills Of Rage

As you may know, I get headaches. Chronic, daily migraines. Hence, I’ve tried a lot of remedies. Some of these cause side effects. The good, the bad, and the ugly, you could call them. In the medical world, these unwelcome consequences are known as “adverse […]

What A Pill

Every Friday, I sit down at my kitchen table and perform The Pill Ritual, filling five pill boxes for the coming week. Each box represents the five times each day I take my migraine cocktail. Each box has seven sections. Sounds like a nightmare story […]